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your Nebraska adoption lawyer.

Join The Hundreds of Families In Nebraska Who Have Successfully Given Their children Security With Adoption For Their Families' Stability And Unity

"My husband & I recently worked with Lucrece for a stepparent adoption, and Lucrece far exceeded our already high expectations. She is extremely knowledgable, & made the process as quick & easy on us as possible"

- Shelby

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Meet Lucrece Bundy, esq.

Your Nebraska Adoption Lawyer

Hi, I'm Lucrece Bundy.

As your Nebraska Adoption Lawyer, I help parents guarantee that their children will always be legally recognized as a part of the family by taking care of all the adoption paperwork so they can move forward into the future with peace of mind and confidence.

In 2016, after giving birth to my third son, I took the leap and opened my adoption law practice so I could help families grow through adoption. 

Since then, I’ve helped a lot of parents achieve legal security for their families by successfully finalizing their adoptions.

Our most common clients are:

  • Highly committed families looking to complete their adoptions who understand the importance of it

  • Parents ready to grow their families through adoption of a newborn baby

  • Parents who need to re-adopt their child who was adopted internationally

  • Stepparents looking to adopt their minor stepchild or adult stepchild

  • Legal guardians who would like to adopt their grandchild, niece/nephew etc...

  • Foster parents adopting their foster child


Clients typically come to us when they're looking to start their adoption but don't know how to, or have been through many family lawyers who took their money and was not able to complete the adoption for them.

Do any of those issues sound familiar to you?

Join over 80 Nebraska families who have trusted me with their adoption.

-Lucrece Bundy, esq.

P.S. Don't Just Take My Word For It!

I help families adopt children so they have peace of mind, stability, and security for their children's future.

"I found Bundy Law Office to be very prepared, very knowledgeable about adoption...when the adoption was finalized, my granddaughter and I both felt a huge sense of relief"


"We felt very comfortable with you...you took care of everything efficiently and the result we achieved is I ended up adopting Mason...A big weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

-Shane and Melia

"When we first met with Lucrece, we knew right away that we wanted her to jump onboard and help us with the adoption, and we're very glad we did.  The stepparent adoption...it’s brought a sense of peace and makes our family feel whole."


"Our experience with Bundy Law was great.  Lucrece was awesome to work with and we couldn't have asked for a better experience.



My husband & I recently worked with Lucrece for a stepparent adoption, and Lucrece far exceeded our already high expectations. She is extremely knowledgable, & made the process as quick & easy on us as possible


...we had spent $10,000+ and gone through 3 different lawyers who promised they could get [our stepparent adoption] done but didn't...Lucrece moved quickly and had my step parent adoption finalized in about 4 months!!!!


We chose to do a stepparent adoption, Ms. Bundy... was... the third attorney that I have retained for this same purpose and is the only attorney who was able to get us to where we are today.


We hired Lucrece Bundy for an adoption and abandonment case... She helped us prepare for the case and was an easy one based on her assistance and guidance. She did an outstanding job!! Highly recommended:)


We contacted Lucrece for a step parent adoption, and she was just wonderful to work with. Lucrece made the process easy, and did not hesitate to explain every step. I cannot thank her enough for helping us through this process with her knowledge and expertise. She was very responsive with through email and phone calls. 


I am so happy with my choice of Lucrece Bundy. She was efficient and kind and very timely in all she did for our family. She was an asset to my adoption and I highly would refer her for future clients She made our adoption memorable and this happy moment was a blessing with her assistance and expertise.

What to Expect from a Meeting


Ms Bundy is absolutely amazing. She made every single step of our adoption flow seamlessly. She took the time to get to know our personal situation. Her response time for emails was amazing. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for help with an adoption.


She was amazing! handled all our questions was efficient attentive and worked with my busy schedule!
A wonderful experience!


We got lucky when we were searching for an attorney. Lucrece is great to work with! She is very knowledgeable and quickly helped us with our needs. We highly recommend Lucrece!

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over 90 5-star reviews

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I am so happy with my choice of Lucrece Bundy. She made our adoption memorable and this happy moment was a blessing with her assistance and expertise.

- Heather

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