Legally Secure Your Family

Complete Your Stepparent

Adoption Successfully 

Without A Complicated Legal Process

  1. Have peace of mind about your child's future

  2. Give your spouse the legal recognition he deserves 

  3. Build a stronger family bond where you all share the same last name 




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Why You Should Do A StepParent Adoption

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Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind about your child's future, knowing exactly who will care for your child when you're gone.

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Give your spouse the gift of legal recognition for what he/she is already doing - being the parent.

Father and Son


Be able to finally breathe and move confidently into the future; build a stronger family bond where you all share the same last name

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- Note from Lucrece -

I understand that an adoption is much more than a name change. As a licensed Adoption Attorney in Nebraska and Iowa, I have finalized over 45 adoptions.  What makes my law office different is that I help families grow through adoption and pride myself in quick responsiveness to my clients. 

An adoption solidifies what's always been true:

 -You are mom and dad-

Our Promise To You

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My husband & I recently worked with Lucrece for a stepparent adoption, and Lucrece far exceeded our already high expectations. She is extremely knowledgable, & made the process as quick & easy on us as possible


...we had spent $10,000+ and gone through 3 different lawyers who promised they could get [our stepparent adoption] done but didn't...Lucrece moved quickly and had my step parent adoption finalized in about 4 months!!!!


We chose to do a stepparent adoption, Ms. Bundy... was... the third attorney that I have retained for this same purpose and is the only attorney who was able to get us to where we are today.

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Common Questions about Stepparent Adoption

How long does it take to do a stepparent adoption?

On an average, it takes a couple of months for a stepparent adoption to be finalized.  

Can you adopt an Adult?

Yes! In Nebraska, the law allows for the adoption of your adult stepchild.  So if you never got around to adopting your stepchild for one reason or another, it is not too late to start the process.  An adult stepparent adoption is recommended mostly for estate planning purposes.  If you do not adopt your stepchild, he/she will not be able to inherit from you when you pass away. 

What are the Requirements for Stepparent adoption in Nebraska?

In both Nebraska and Iowa, you will need:

Criminal background checks

An FBI criminal background check and a child abuse registry check of the stepparent is required.



The stepparent must be married to his/her stepchild's biological parent.


If you want to adopt your stepchild,  both your spouse and the other biological parent have to agree to it.  There are some exceptions to having to get the other parent's consent.  

How Much Does a Stepparent Adoption Cost?

On average, a stepparent adoption in Nebraska can cost anywhere from $2,000 to over $4,000 depending on your specific situation.   


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