FAQ'S Adoptive Parents

What is the first step in Adopting a Child in Nebraska?

A Nebraska couple who seeks to adopt a child born in Nebraska must have a home study completed by a child placement agency that is licensed in the state of Nebraska before a child is placed with the family.

How do I get a home study completed?

Contact a Nebraska licensed child placement agency or Adoption Consultants Inc. Sometimes The Department of Health and Human Services will conduct the home study.

How do I Find a Baby to Adopt?

One of the most difficult steps in adopting a child in Nebraska is finding a child to adopt. To find sources of an adoption placement, word of mouth advertisement to family, friends, or church family can be very helpful. Adoptive couples can also create a portfolio and post their profiles on different websites to increase their visibility, and/or advertise in publications that they desire to adopt a child.

What to do if a birth mother contacts you?

If a birth mother contacts an adoptive couple who desires to adopt, and agrees to place the child with them, it is strongly recommended that the adoptive couple and the birth mother consult separate attorneys in order to follow the legal requirements for a valid adoption.

What is a private adoption?

A private adoption occurs without the involvement of an adoption agency. It occurs where the placement of the child, and the relinquishment and consent to adoption of the birth parents is achieve through separate attorneys representing the birth parent and the adoptive couple.

Is the Relinquishment and Consent of Birth parents required for an adoption?

Yes, for an adoption to be valid, the birth parents must sign the documents relinquishing their parental rights and consenting to the adoption no sooner than forty-eight hours after the birth of the child. In Nebraska, a voluntary relinquishment and consent is irrevocable upon the signing. There is no waiting period, or gap of time, in which the birth parents have an opportunity to change their minds and reverse the relinquishment.

Adopting a Child born in another state

Adoptive parents who identify a child to be born or residing in a state other than Nebraska must have their home study and request for adoption processed by the state agency in Nebraska and the state agency in the state where the child resides or is to be born. Only after approval by both state agencies can the adoptive couple bring their child to Nebraska.

Adopting a child related to me

Sometimes grandparents or aunts and uncles wish to adopt their grandchild or nephew/niece. A home study is generally required for a relative adoption. However, this can be waived at the judge's discretion.

Adopting my husband/wife's child

Nebraska law provides for step-parent adoptions where a spouse adopts the biological child of his or her spouse. In all step parent adoptions, the noncustodial birth parent must be given notice of the upcoming adoption, must relinquish his/her rights, or a judge must determine that their consent is not needed to proceed with the adoption.


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