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I am pregnant and considering adoption

We help you make the tough decisions you face with your pregnancy. Counseling and legal representation is available to you at no cost to you. Your attorney can inform you of your options and how best to pursue them. If your choice is adoption, you can be confident that thousand of couples all across the nation are waiting to gratefully serve as adoptive parents.

What is a private adoption?

A private adoption simply means that you and the adoptive parents have chosen to use attorneys for the adoption process without the assistance of an adoption agency.

What is an agency adoption?

An agency adoption occurs when you decide to work with an adoption agency for the adoption of your child. The agency oversees the entire adoption process.

What are my rights?

As a birth parent whose rights have not already been terminated by a court of law, you have the right to: - select the adoptive parents - select the place of birth for your child - select the type of contact the adoptive parents have with the child after birth and before relinquishment of the child. - change your mind anytime until you sign the relinquishment papers for your child.

How do I find adoptive parents?

Bundy Law partners with agencies nationwide to bring you profiles of adoptive parents across the nation. Adoptive parents use a variety of ways to express their interest in adopting a child. Some go through an adoption agency, others place ads in newspapers, or put their profiles on websites, still others tell everyone they know through word of mouth.

What expenses can be paid for me?

Nebraska does not specify exactly what expenses an adoptive couple may pay on behalf of a birth mother. Adoptive parents are able to pay a birth nother only reasonable expenses related to the pregnancy. These include maternity clothes, and pregnancy related medical expenses not covered by insurance. Such expenses must be incurred directly as a result of the pregnancy.

What is an open adoption?

This refers to the degree to which there is communication between the birth parents and the adoptive parents prior to the birth and after placement of the child. A communication and contact agreement is usually signed by both parties and describes the type of communication they will have.

Do I really need an attorney?

In order for the adoption to be legal and vaild in Nebraska, there are certain legal steps which must be taken. Because adoption laws have become more complex with the recognition of the rights of out of wedlock fathers, an attorney with knowledge of the law is an invaluable asset to birth parents during the adoption process.


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