Nebraska Stepparent Adoption And Child Support

Updated: Jun 14


Oftentimes, child support payments received by the biological mother are either small or non-existent. So what’s the big deal right?

Well…not so fast. The first thing to keep in mind is that that the judge who ordered the child support payments has to agree to the stepparent adoption, even if the biological father is behind on his payments and hasn’t paid anything in a long time. This is part of the stepparent adoption process in Nebraska.

Once the stepparent adoption is finalized, the judge who ordered the child support payments will terminate the child support order.

What About Back Child Support?

It makes sense that after the stepparent adoption is finalized, child support payments will be terminated, but what about all the back child support payments that are still owed?

You have the option to either forgive the back child support or not forgive it.

Wait…Before you think about not forgiving back child support

Consider this: sadly, in my experience, most absent parents ask for their back child support payments to be cancelled in exchange to agreeing to the stepparent adoption.

In Conclusion

Child support payments are terminated after a stepparent adoption is completed in Nebraska. However, you can choose to forgive all back child support or not.