The current immigration situation through the eyes of a naturalized citizen

January 31, 2017

Being a person who loves Jesus and a naturalized American citizen, I see our immigration situation a little differently.  I hear the rage on both sides of the issue.  One side is enraged at President Trump’s recent executive orders to ban refugees from entering the U.S. from certain countries.  The other side is happy because they believe that President Trump is providing protection to American citizens by and through these executive orders.


I personally see the immigration situation in our country through the lens of the Bible and protecting my family.  My husband and I currently participate in AirBnB and we love to host people in our home.  If any of those guests were ever to break our house rules or hurt our children, myself or my husband in any way, my husband and I would take every measure we could to ensure that this would never happen again.  In other words, just because I am hospitable does not mean that I am welcoming people to harm me and my family. 


In the same way, our country has been a place of refuge for so many who need it.  And I love that about America.  Being a naturalized citizen myself, I am grateful to this country and how open America has been to being a place of refuge for literally millions of people.  However, being hospitable does not mean that we should tolerate violence.  As I said earlier, just because I open my home to guests to enjoy my home does not mean that I am in any way tolerating and/or welcoming violence towards me or my family.


The Bible teaches us as Christians to be hospitable and to open our home to strangers.  The Bible teaches us to be kind to the foreigners in our midst.  My fellow Americans have been so kind and welcoming to me.  I love America and the opportunities that were given to me and my family. 

What our President needs right now is our prayers.  President Trump needs divine wisdom on how to protect his “family” (Americans) from those who intend to destroy us, but at the same time continue to be place of refuge for the millions of people all over the world who see America as a beacon of hope for their family’s future. 


The issue is very complex and only the prayers of the saints will help our President see through the fog and the complexity of the issue and make wise decisions for all. 


Will you join me in praying for President Trump, Vice President Pence and all their advisors today?








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